Participations. Social Science Journal on Democracy and Citizenship

Presentation of the journal Participations


The contemporary transformations of public action, marked by the development of public participation in decision-making processes, have given rise to a wealth of research in a wide range of academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, as well as to the emergence of a relatively specific field of investigation. The creation of a journal, called Participations, would encourage the structuring of this scientific community and foster reflexive interactions beyond academic and linguistic boundaries.

The journal Participations has the vocation of becoming an interdisciplinary forum for reflection on the forms of public participation present in decision-making processes in contemporary democracies. It has the ambition of being an interdisciplinary journal that mobilises a range of different approaches from the humanities and social sciences (sociology, political science, history, philosophy, anthropology, geography, social psychology, information sciences, communication studies, economics, management, urban studies etc.) in order to discuss their respective theoretical and methodological approaches to investigating similar objects of study. Participations will be open to both theoretical and empirical contributions, related to participatory democracy, deliberation, the transformation of forms and practices of citizenship, the structuring of the public sphere, urban governance, socio-technical controversies, and public engagement in decision-making processes.

The journal Participations will be francophone (Belgium, France, Quebec, Switzerland, etc.), in order to foster cross-fertilisation and scientific diffusion among our different communities, but will remain open to other international contributions (from anglo-saxon and/or non-francophone researchers).

First issue is now published and in free access at :
Publishor : De Boeck.